Prendocasa Evolution Print

The Real Estate Agency Prendocasa has from the outset, taking advantage of advertising via the web and magazines to raise awareness of all its proposals in a simple and direct.

Since 2002 our agency is dedicated to the importance of satisfying the requirements of who was in search of a house using a new communication medium, which was the internet, in fact with our first website features a simple but efficient all our property trying to transfer all the information that our users wanted.

In 2003 our website has been revolutionized by using the then cutting-edge technologies, managing to be very successful among the regulars and new customers discovering our properties.

We always assumed to be preferred by users encouraged us to do a makeover in 2005 with a new web profile with which the Agency has made inroads into European market, thereby achieving high results with the gratification of a page on Sole24ore who are interested in discovering what was the key to our success.

But despite passing years, the Agency continues to Prendocasa Estate know your interested products and applications for all users by keeping up to date on all areas involving the buying and selling, trying to give answers to their questions.

In fact, now we share with another web as aimed at specific targets that the Agency aims to achieve soon, using new Internet language that will allow us to get more visitors and more transfer information as possible about the properties we offer for sale and rent and all our services.